My testimony:  Today is October 26, 2015, and this date marks 9 months of a mentor/mentee relationship that I will treasure for years to come.  Psalm 18: 6 says, “In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help.  From his temple he heard my voice and my cry to him reached his ears.”  It was on this day, months ago that the Lord sent my mentor, Brother and Friend in the person of Apostle Javon Rahman Bertrand.

I was having a conversation with my spiritual midwife, a friend who has pushed me into wanting to learn more about the kingdom of God and it was during this talk that I learned I am mantled as a Watchman; an individual gifted by God to watch, intercede and pray for God’s people.  After she declared, “you’re a Watchman!” I started researching and investigating what exactly that meant—which led me to a book that has changed my life, The Watchman, by author Javon Bertrand.

After reading this informative, detailed and descriptive book I felt the unction to inform the author of the impact his work had on my life so I reached out to him through social media (Facebook).  To my surprise he answered my instant message with a response!  I was thoroughly shocked—partly because this is so unlike me (to reach out to a total stranger, which confirms my belief that this act was divinely inspired) and also that he would take the time to respond to my message.  From that day until now we have maintained close, daily contact and our friendship continues to grow.

I am a firm believer that “people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime” and I am happy to say that I feel I have a lifetime friend in my mentor Javon.  I praise God because He knew, in His ultimate wisdom, that I needed direction, answers, friendship and guidance—all provided through Apostle Bertrand.  To date, I have read both of his books, participated in his Watchman tele-class, along with many of his teleconference worship services (The Sound) and through his ministry Restoration of Love Deliverance Center.

To all my brothers and sisters who may be reading this—who have wondered where in the kingdom of God you have been placed and graced—I urge you to seek the Lord as I did and know that He WILL answer your prayers.  If you feel, as I do, that there is power in prayer; or if you feel you want to know more about prayer and intercession—I implore you to pick-up a copy of The Watchman.  You will never be the same after reading it!